About us

Eduardo O'Toole

Clappbox was created in 2012 by Eduardo O'Toole, web developer, systems administrator, digital marketing consultant and entrepreneur.

Today we are a growing group of professionals from different specialties who work as a team with the aim of providing our clients with complete and integrated solutions.

Our vision

Clappbox - Web solutions

Until just a few years ago, more or less sophisticated websites, online stores, digital marketing and management software were luxuries that only large organizations could afford. That's not the case anymore.

With the advancement of the Internet and especially of Open Source (open source) initiatives, today there is not only an infinite variety of excellent applications for free use, but also the costs of most of those that are paid are much more accessible.

Why Clappbox?

In this sense, the cloud is today a great "toolbox" that is extremely useful and financially viable to carry out any type of project. Hence the origin of our name, as an abbreviation for "Cloud App Box" or "cloud applications box".

Our mission

Web solutions for entrepreneurs

Our mission then is to ensure that this valuable "toolbox" becomes available to as many entrepreneurs as possible.

Why entrepreneurs?

We see good entrepreneurs as true engines of growth and generators of well-being, each one in their environment.

And we understand that their success, and that of their small businesses and organizations as a whole, has a multiplier effect that can mean a better future for everyone.

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