What are domains?


The first thing you have to think about when deciding to have your own website is a domain name.


The domain is the address with which a website can be identified, searched and located on the Internet (in our case clappbox.com).

It is made up of the domain name itself (in our case clappbox) and an extension (in our case .com).

There are different extensions for different types of entities:

  • .com for commercial uses,
  • .org for non-profit organizations,
  • .edu for educational institutions,
  • .gov  for government entities, or
  • .net for Internet services, among many others.

On the other hand, extensions can also refer to a specific country, such as:

  • .ar for Argentina,
  • .es for Spain,
  • .br for Brazil,
  • .cl for Chile, or
  • .us for the United States.

There is a growing variety of domain extensions with increasingly specific purposes, but for commercial uses, the .com extension is still by far the most widely used, with or without the extension of the corresponding country.

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