What is hosting?

Hosting, servers

A website is basically a collection of text, image and video files, organized and related to each other. In order for these

files to be accessible at any time and from anywhere, they must be hosted on a computer that is permanently turned on and connected to the Internet.

These computers with very high storage and processing capacities and high-speed Internet connections, are called web servers. Hosting services are precisely those that offer space to host sites (or other types of applications) on these web servers.

What characteristics should I take into account when choosing a hosting service?

The characteristics of a hosting service are similar to those that define a computer and an Internet connection:

  • Storage capacity: It is the available disk space (normally measured in GB) to save the different files that make up the account of a certain domain. This includes not only the site, but also the emails and other web applications (such as CRM or ERP systems), if any. A disk space of about 5GB is sufficient to start in most cases and this limit can be expanded later, as needed.
  • Bandwidth: It is the dimension that measures the flow of the connection available to the Internet (normally in GB of monthly transfer) and that determines the number of visitors that our site will be able to receive. The higher the traffic, the higher the bandwidth requirement. This feature can also be expanded as needed, and generally a 20GB monthly transfer is more than enough to get started. The exact amount of visits that we will be able to receive with this bandwidth depends on the weight of the content on our site, but normally it should allow us a level of traffic of up to thousands of visits per day.
  • Number of email accounts: It is the number of email addresses that a hosting plan will allow us to create with our domain. In the case of Clappbox, all plans offer unlimited email accounts.
  • MySQL databases: The number of databases allowed will determine the number of applications that we can install on our hosting account. In the case of Clappbox, all plans also offer as many databases as necessary.
  • FTP access accounts: FTP access accounts are those that are needed to upload files from our computer to the server. Normally all that is needed is a single FTP account, but sometimes it may be necessary to set up different accounts for different users who may be working on different aspects of our site or in some web application. In this case, Clappbox’s hosting plans have no restrictions either. You can configure as many FTP accounts as necessary.
  • Processing speed: This characteristic is what determines the loading speed of our site or application and is a very important variable, since it not only affects the quality of our users’ experience, but also affects the positioning of our site in search engines. Google, for example, not only evaluates the loading speed on computers, but also on mobile devices. The factors that influence the loading speed of a site are many and a few of them have to do with the programming of the site or the application. We will see these in more depth in another article. Here we will refer to those that have to do with the server: type of processor, RAM and type of disk storage (HDD vs SSD). Of these three factors, perhaps the most decisive and the one that today clearly divides web servers into two distinct segments, not only because of their cost but above all because of the quality of their service, is the latter


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