How to choose my domain name?

register your domain

In the case in which one already has a registered trademark, obviously the first thing to try is to get the name of the trademark registered (or a derivation as close as possible) with the .com extension (or the corresponding one depending on the case ) and without any country extension or with the country where it will operate.

If one does not have a chosen brand yet, they can first think about their domain name and in this case a factor that can be taken into account is the subsequent search engine positioning of our site. In this sense, a domain name composed of a word or phrase that is directly related to the theme of our site will then contribute to making it better positioned for searches that have to do with this theme.

In any case, as we will see more in depth, this is not decisive by itself, since there are many other factors that influence the positioning of our site in search results.

For this reason, perhaps the most important thing is that the name of our domain (and our brand) is the one that we consider that best transmits not only “what we do”, but “how we do it”, that is, the image we want our name to transmit. And in this, as in so many other things, it never hurts to check with other people if what we are trying to convey is really being perceived that way.

Finally, in general you have to try to use simple words, short names, easy to remember, always taking care of the spelling and trying not to interfere with registered trademarks.

How do I register my domain?

Domains .com, .net, org and many other major extensions can be registered with us or with other international domain registration agents.

The domains must be registered in

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